Partners & Funders

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Our Partners

John Wesley Powell River History Museum

The John Wesley Powell River History Museum in Green River, Utah has eagerly embraced this exhibit, providing the project both a location and an umbrella under which to raise funds. The Museum is dedicated to conveying the significant impact that the communities and landscapes of the Colorado Plateau have had on the history of the American West.



Epicenter has nurtured the idea of this exhibit almost from its beginning.  As a community-design center, Epicenter’s mission is to create positive change locally through an intentional design-based practice to accentuate Green River, Utah’s rural pride and pioneering spirit.


Glen Canyon Institute

Glen Canyon Institute is a non-profit organization with a mission to restore a free-flowing Colorado River through Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon. For 21 years GCI has worked to promote science based public policy surrounding these issues and has made large strides in making it a reality for the future of river management.



Utah Rivers Council

The Utah Rivers Council is a grassroots organization dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of Utah’s rivers and sustainable clean water sources for Utah’s people and wildlife. Founded in 1995, we work to protect Utah’s rivers and clean water sources for today’s citizens, future generations and healthy, sustainable natural ecosystems. We implement our mission through grassroots organizing, direct advocacy, research, education, community leadership, and litigation.

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The Kitchen Sisters

The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva) are Peabody Award-winning producers for NPR. Their story “Cry Me a River” chronicled pioneering river activists Ken Sleight, Katie Lee, and Mark Dubois and their dramatic efforts to save wild rivers. The Kitchen Sisters nonprofit organization is dedicated to creating documentaries that chronicle untold stories of culture and tradition; to presenting little-known voices and perspectives; to keeping the airwaves vibrant, imaginative and democratic; and to training young people and others with a passion to be involved in public media.


Utah Public Radio

Utah Public Radio, a service of Utah State University, broadcasts news, information, public affairs, and cultural programming 24 hours a day. Located in Logan, Utah Public Radio is heard by listeners across Utah and in Southern Idaho. Utah Public Radio is Utah’s oldest non-commercial, educational radio service. Utah Public Radio is a member of National Public Radio (NPR) and an affiliate of Public Radio International (PRI) and of American Public Media (APM).


Rexx Studio

REXX is a multi-disciplinary design and production studio based in Green River, Utah, specializing in exhibition design, branded environments and custom installations.


Based on Pack Creek Ranch in San Juan County, UT, is a trail running website dedicated to sharing wild spaces.



Our Funders

Utah Humanities

This program has received funding from Utah Humanities. Utah Humanities enriches our cultural, intellectual, and civic life by providing opportunities for all Utahns to explore life’s most engaging questions and the wonders of the human experience.