The Subject-Matter Experts, Those Who Shared Their Knowledge

Charlene and Eric Atene · Lyle Balenquah · Angelita S. Bulletts · Charley Bulletts · Brad Dimock · ML Lincoln · William Lipe · Jason Nez · Diane Rapaport · Frederick H. Swanson


The Archival Contributors, Those Who Mined Cardboard Boxes, High Places in Closets, Warehouses, Vaults and Scrapbooks to Share Their Keepsakes of Glen Canyon

Ken Sleight – Ken Sleight and Wonderland Expeditions Archives · Stuart Reeder – Grant Reeder Collection Bob Quist, Richard Quist, Alisa Quist – Moki Mac Expeditions and Al Quist Collection · Ron and Jana Smith – Photo Collection of Glen Canyon Carolyn Short – Vaughn Short Collection · Family of June and Bill Adams – Bill Adams Collection · Oscar Olson – SOCOTWA archive


Libraries and Museums, Those Who Loaned and Assisted

J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah · Grand Canyon National Park Museum · Museum of Northern Arizona · Cline Library, Northern Arizona · University Utah State Historical Society · Museum of Natural History of Utah · The Huntington Library · Georgia O’Keeffe Museum · Todd Webb Archive · Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History · Adirondack Experience: The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake · Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University · Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University · The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church History Library


Those Who Went the Distance for Glen Canyon and made this exhibit possible with their dollars

John L Arnold · Vik Arnold · Donelle Benson · Lea Ann Braithwaites · Charles R Carlin John B Cassidy* · Kirsten Commons · Bonnie Despain · Patricia DeYoung · Laura Eggen Penelope Eicher · Laura M Folger · Jeffrey B Foster · Martha Ham* · Gregg B Harmon Gail E Healy · Laurie L Hilyer* · Cynthia C Holdren* · Theresa A Holleran · Jill Alger James Stephen C Jett · Matthias Kawski · Karen Klein · CRATE/Dave and Vicki Mackay** Carter C Mills* · Peter Mills · Steve Mimnaugh* · Patti Mulvihill* · Paul D Neerings Davia L Nelson* · June S Pace* · J. Lance Parker · Richard David Quartaroli* · J Stuart Reeder* Steven Riparetti · Barbara Rizzardi · Peter Rose · Cynthia Rothfeder · Gus Scott* Keith E Short · Patricia Short · Nikki C Silva · Danielle Silver · Ron Smith* · Stephen Trimble* Phil Triolo · Michael Weber · Laurie D Webster · Cody McCarthy* · Holly Sloan* James M Wilucki* · Jane Whalen* · David Nuffer* · Keith G Boman* · Ginger Harmon* Chris Anderson* · LoAnne Barnes* · Dale Barnes* · B. C Rimbeaux* · Nancy Orr* Barbara J Churchhill* · Brad Dimock* · Marcy C Till · Mikenna Clokey* · Jennifer Speers* Marian Krogman · Nicholas Schou · Havasu Knaup* · Resford Rouzer · Mark Meloy · Bill Bishop* Teresa Jordan* · Iris Negstrand* · Tom Workman* · Marc Sleight* · Gay Sleight* James V Petrone* · Vicki Day · Robert Eggert* · Kayla Koeber* · Dean Brown* Robert Davis · Mark Evanoff* · Peter Parker* · Daniel J Quigley*

*The 162 Crew Those who donated $1 (or more) per historical and free flowing mile of the Colorado River from Hite to Lees Ferry through Glen Canyon. Distance: 162.3 miles. As of April 22, Earth Day 2018.


Those Who Gave Their Time

Laurena Adams · Mikenna Clokey · Dave and Vicki Mackay · Carter Mills · Andy Nettell and Back of Beyond Books · Carol Ann Nyman · Bryon Powell and · Chris Simon